At CrossFit Iron Horse, CrossFit represents more than just an effective vehicle for overall fitness and individual health. It is our primary medium for building community and meaningful relationships. It is a vehicle for wellness through which we develop a mindset and physical make-up that is conducive to a deeply flourishing life.

We do not believe humans thrive under constant comfort, isolation or ease of life. Rather, we flourish best when meeting and overcoming obstacles routinely; by developing the courage to lay one’s heart and effort on the line in front of others on a daily basis. Being a part of a community and struggling together to overcome self imposed barriers is profoundly important. We believe that through this struggle and suffering we develop perseverance, perseverance producing character, and character hope—hope for a healthy, more meaningful life.

We realize that in our ever increasing technologically connected and relationally isolated culture, becoming part of a CrossFit community may be the most meaningful daily experience our clients have. With this in mind we are committed to caring for and training each member as an integral part of our unique community here at CrossFit Iron Horse. We invite you to come experience the difference for yourself.

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