Crawfish Boil This Saturday!!

Hey guys we are having the first annual CFIH crawfish boil this saturday at the Castillo Household. We need to get a firm count on who is coming so we can make sure we have enough Crawfish. Comment on this post letting us know how many you have coming and what kinda side dish/ snack you are bringing so people don’t double and triple up… We have to know BY TUESDAY NIGHT so we can place our order to fly in these fresh premium crawdads. POST!!!!!


  1. Wish we could come. Unfortunately, I have school on that Saturday. Have a great time!!

  2. 3 – Andy, my friend, hilary and I will be there! We will bring something … ill have to get back to that one, Im going to pull out the recipe books 🙂

  3. i’m going to a paleo seminar in frisco that day, so if i’m able to make it at all it’ll be late and just to socialize. count me as a body, not a stomach.

  4. Paige and I will be there. We will bring mexican cornbread as a side.

  5. man, I won’t be able to make it. I forgot that’s the same day as the Beer festival over at Fair Park.

  6. Angel +1, we will be strawberry shortcake

  7. Andy wants to bring cookies, mushrooms (he said its good in the boil cause it soaks up the seasoning) and asparagus wrapped in prosciutto.

  8. Ray and I will be there. We will bring potato salad. Will there be corn to put in the boil?

  9. I’ll be there. Bringing a tres leche cake.

  10. I will be there! What should I bring? Drinks?

  11. Ashley Magouyrk & Jeri Elkins will be in attendance!

  12. Jamie and I will be there. Don’t know what she wants to bring yet. Looking forward to it!

  13. well, why not. I can bring a bunch of watermelon. that might be good.

  14. I’m coming, any ideas of what else is needed?

  15. I’ll be there for a little while at the beginning.
    I’ll bring something paleo to eat, like “no potato salad” or something!

  16. Ill be there plus one…not sure what i am taking yet.

  17. i’m there. watermelon is a great idea! i’ll bring some slaw. do we need water? i can bring that too

  18. I will bring some raw veggies and dips.

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