Muscle Up Clinic Saturday

If you have, are close, or nowhere near a muscle up, you will still benefit from this clinic. Just like any complex movement, we will break it down into many different positions and drills to make it trainable and a more efficient skill for everyone.
Saturday @ 11am. STILL HOLDING!!!


  1. Clinic was great!! Never thought it would be possible for me to ever get a muscle up until today. Thanks Chris and CFIH.

    Keep these clinics coming!! 🙂

  2. Its awesome now knowing the proper kip for the muscle up ill be practicing the drills as much as i can, thanks Chris and CFIH for an awesome clinic.

  3. Five days after the clinic, I got my first MU + 2 more!!! I had the strength to pull-up and dip before the clinic, but could not get through the transition. Thanks to Chris and his step-by-step instruction & breakdown on each aspect the muscle-up I was able to put it together. Oh yeah, Tony laughing me every time I did not get it may have provided some additional motivation. Thanks Chris & Tony…

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