Friday 4/24

1. Pause Snatch+Snatch 5×1+1 80%* 2. Push Press 5×5 Heaviest Possible 3. High Bar Back Squat 5×3 Heaviest Possible** *2s pause at the top of the knee. **Heavier than last week.


UPDATE:  WE ARE CANCELING THE 6AM CLASS THURSDAY MORNING 3/5 DUE TO HAZARDOUS ROAD CONDITIONS.   Thursday 3/5 1. C2B Pull Up Ladder* 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 2. 4 Sets: 2 Minute Max Double Under’s. 2 Minute Max Burpees. *Perform each set

Saturday Schedule Update

Saturday 2/28–The 9am, 10am & 11am classes are canceled.  We will however have “Open Gym” from 11am-1pm for our athletes to complete the Open WOD 15.1/15.1a. Please be very cautious as the parking lot will more than likely

Schedule Update

We will be switching to just “open gym” today.  There will be no set classes for the remainder of the afternoon.  We will be closing at 7pm.  Feel free to come in and get 15.1/15.1a knocked out early, as tomorrow may be even more


Tuesday 2/24

DELAYED OPENING!! NO 6AM OR 8:30AM CLASSES Normal classes resume starting at 11:30AM 1. Clean & Jerk 4×1 85-90% 2. “Squat Clean Grace” 30 squat clean & jerks (155/105)

CFIH Pre-Open In-House Comp

Well, Valentine’s day came and went but not without some “Iron Horses” putting on a spectacular athletic display.  Fifty one athletes competed yesterday in our bi-annual in-house comp at the box.  The sun was bright and the


Member of the Month

Name: Hillary L. Curtis Age: 25 Occupation: Accounting Administration Why you joined CFIH: My earliest memory is being in the gym with my mom lifting weights when she trained with Chuck Weisbeck at the “Butcher Shop” on Vickery so I wanted to