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Be on the lookout…

Gang- We are diligently working on lots of new and exciting things for our community,  the first of which is a new member program we are helping some brilliant minds beta test and mold to our specific needs.  In the next few days you will


Gymnastics Seminar

Guys we are lucky to have gymnastics guru Coach Chris  back in the gym April 12th at 11am.  He will be getting everyone squared away on Muscle ups/Handstand Push Ups/ pull up Kips etc. 3 hour class. cost is $60.  Please sign up in the office

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Member(s) of the Month!

Name: Jacky and Jonny Arrow Age: 27 and 28 Occupation: Jacky: Pediatric Sports Physical Therapist Jonny: United States Marine KC-130 Airframe Mechanic How we found CFIH: Jonny and I have always been fairly fit people, but we were both getting

MOM- Luke

Member of the Month!

Name: Luke Wittenbraker Age: 28 Occupation: Sales & Marketing at Mactech Onsite How I found CFIH: Current members Kiki Dallao, who I went to grad school with, and Les Kreis, who I worked for part-time while in grad school, introduced me to


New shwag

Big News. You asked for em, now you got em! CFIH Hoodies!! We are doing pre-order for anyone that wants a sweet ass hoodie, that our very own members had a hand in designing. We will have a sign up sheet in the office where we will be taking



***IN CASE OF INCLEMENT WEATHER WE WILL FOLLOW FORT WORTH ISD FOR CLOSING AND/OR DELAYS 1. “Gwen”* 15-12-9 TNG Clean & Jerk 2. 3×10-15 V-Ups, 60s Rests *Power cleans are acceptable and encouraged. Touch and go only. Even a

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Member of the Month!

Name: Stevie Campbell Age: 26 Occupation: Middle school teacher How I found CFIH: My husband and I agreed to try crossfit after we got married. We started looking at locations around Fort Worth, and found Iron Horse. The reviews were fantastic