Gymnastics Seminar

Guys we are lucky to have gymnastics guru Coach Chris  back in the gym April 12th at 11am.  He will be getting everyone squared away on Muscle ups/Handstand Push Ups/ pull up Kips etc. 3 hour class. cost is $60.  Please sign up in the office

Arrow MoM

Member(s) of the Month!

Name: Jacky and Jonny Arrow Age: 27 and 28 Occupation: Jacky: Pediatric Sports Physical Therapist Jonny: United States Marine KC-130 Airframe Mechanic How we found CFIH: Jonny and I have always been fairly fit people, but we were both getting

MOM- Luke

Member of the Month!

Name: Luke Wittenbraker Age: 28 Occupation: Sales & Marketing at Mactech Onsite How I found CFIH: Current members Kiki Dallao, who I went to grad school with, and Les Kreis, who I worked for part-time while in grad school, introduced me to


New shwag

Big News. You asked for em, now you got em! CFIH Hoodies!! We are doing pre-order for anyone that wants a sweet ass hoodie, that our very own members had a hand in designing. We will have a sign up sheet in the office where we will be taking



***IN CASE OF INCLEMENT WEATHER WE WILL FOLLOW FORT WORTH ISD FOR CLOSING AND/OR DELAYS 1. “Gwen”* 15-12-9 TNG Clean & Jerk 2. 3×10-15 V-Ups, 60s Rests *Power cleans are acceptable and encouraged. Touch and go only. Even a

stevie MoM

Member of the Month!

Name: Stevie Campbell Age: 26 Occupation: Middle school teacher How I found CFIH: My husband and I agreed to try crossfit after we got married. We started looking at locations around Fort Worth, and found Iron Horse. The reviews were fantastic