Every Saturday morning at 9:00am we offer our FREE Introductory Class.  The only way to find out if CrossFit Iron Horse is right for you, is to come in and try us out. During the class we will familiarize you with some fundamental elements of CrossFit training and introduce you to our healthy, vibrant community. You will get a sampling of how our classes are structured.  One of our experienced coaches will take you through a few basic movements and we’ll do a workout together.  We will discuss your goals, determine your fitness level and athletic capacity, as well as assess your functional movement and mobility. This will help us choose which of our Onramp Programs best fits your needs and abilities so that you can quickly and safely jump into our regular group classes.

Come and meet our community.  It’s totally FREE and there’s no obligation to join! To register for your FREE Intro Class, Contact Us or use the form below.  See you Saturday!

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