Benchmark Tuesday

Todays workout is a great litmus test, if you will. If you’re new, it’s a great way to see where you stand in your physical fitness. If you have been doing crossfit for a while its a great test to see how our constantly varied workouts are benefiting your general physical preparedness.  Also as a side note, this is the very first CrossFit workout the Godfather, Ken C. ever put me through.  So this is a tribute to you Godfather, thanks for bringing CorssFit to Fort Worth and inspiring a movement!!!


100 Pull Ups

100 Push Ups

100 Sit ups

100 air Squats

FOR TIME.    Scale as needed.


  1. Salud Godfather!

  2. Lissett!!! Already hitting one of her 2011 CF goals on her 185# DL! Awesome! Time to shoot for 200#. : )

  3. Hi everyone, just wanted to let ya know there is a really good instructional video on the main site teaching the pullup. The instructor does a great job of breaking down the steps of a pullup but most importantly, gives you exercises you can do on the ground (ie not at the gym) so you can practice the movements often. I know getting your first pullup is on a few of your lists for 2011, so you might want to check it out at Lissett, you might get it on your first try the way you’re crushing your goals 🙂 Ali

    • Ali, thanks for giving everyone the heads up…much appreciated.

  4. WHAAT!?!?! I’ll be there. You people are craaazzzeeee!!!!

  5. 29:30. Not my best but I think I will be able to use my arms for the remainder of the week. I think.

  6. thanks for the nod guys. that’s my bitter beer face pic.

  7. Thanks for the pointer Ali, I will get on the site and watch it tonight, I defenitely want to be able to do a pull up this year!!!!!

    I just wanted to add that you guys are an amazing bunch!!!! You get Ricardo and I so motivated to do our best and to come every day!!!!

    I never would have thought I could do a 185# dead lift….and enjoy it….ever!!!! I never thought I would enjoy going to the gym….ever!!!!! You guys push us to do our best!!!! All of you are great inspiration!!!!

    We really have found the perfect gym for us….and I truly mean that!!!!!

    • Lissett, thank you for the kind words! We could ask nothing more from you guys. You guys show up everyday ready to rock & roll with a great attitude and that is all we ask. Thanks for your dedication and commitment!!!

  8. Did not have access to a pullup bar today or you could measure ny Angie with a sundial! Did 16:30 for the remainder and that was tough enough!

    • Good job Randallicous!

  9. To borrow a line from the actor Mike Myers, it appears Scottish cuisine and Crossfit are both based on a dare. 🙂

  10. I did it :)))) I’m not going to be able to move my arms for at least a week!

    • We knew you could 🙂 Outstanding effort today!

  11. I’m so proud of everyone who even attempted that workout today – what a bear! Go Iron Horses! I’m almost out of the woods and hoping to see you guys soon! Sounds like everyone is making great progress

  12. Not to sound like a sap, but today reminded me of what a CrossFit box should be like. Full of great individuals who are driven to better themselves, motivation, courage and cameraderie. So glad to not only coach each of you, but to befriend each of you as well. Keep up the motivation and keep the Iron Horse spirit alive, fellow athletes! (My Spirit finger’s are working it! bahahahaha…lame, I know, but I absolutely LOVE this shiznat)! : )

  13. Awesome 6 pm class tonight! Tons of energy. Everybody pushed it and gotta give props to Ricardo he blew us all out of the water!

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