Monday 7-25

Time to put to use what we learned at the gymnastics seminar…

Skill Work
Hollow/Arch (Kip Swings)

Thruster’s (95/65#)
Pull Up’s


  1. Can I cry?

  2. I keep missing Fran! I have to try to get off work early tomorrow so I can finally do this. Hopefully see you guys tomorrow.

  3. I’ll cry with u josh! I’ll wait for u my number one and do the six!

  4. 7:52 @ RX. 23 sec PR over the last time and first time doing it RX.


  6. Nice work, Clint!

  7. First time for Fran 5:41 @ 35# & green band.

  8. Way to go CC! That is awesome! I pr’d today with 40#…8:36. will do much better next time!

    • Thanks, Cathy! You did some excellent work yourself!

  9. Second time to do fran in 2 weeks- i must be crazy!

    I got a PR again today!! 5:16 RX’d – 59 second PR from 2 weeks ago!!

    everyone did great at the 6pm class, lots of Fran virgins and PR’s! it was great!

  10. 3:51 PR BY 1:04.NOT FAST ENOUGH!!!!!!

  11. WOW!. Great work by everyone today! Great to see so many people doing Fran for the first time and so many others hitting PR’s. If you haven’t posted your time and weight please do, as it encourages and motivates everyone!!! Thanks, Cass

  12. Omg that was the most fun I’ve had while almost puking! The best part was everyone cheering each other on! too many pr’s and awesome baseline Fran times to give proper credit to! Cool cool!

  13. My results were not as glorious as others. Added 1:19 seconds from my previous pr. Ended Fran at 4:58. Everyone else did great. Still have the Fran cough.

  14. I still have yet to do fran. Looks like she will be my 1st crossfit wod since starting back. Unfortunately I won’t have all you awesome crossfitters to cheer me on with my virgin fran!! I MISS Y’all so much!!!

  15. That one hurt a little bit…for the record, swimming laps after fran is not a good idea.

  16. Lots and lots of PR’s today. Plan for another benchmark next week to start August off right (check out the PR board if you haven’t….though you must be blind if you haven’t…it’s STACKED for July!! WHOOT! WHOOT)!

    Huge shout out to Cathy today who not only PR’d, but she fell hard today, took about a minute and a half to recover, and still got that PR!


    Damn you, Raif. : )

  17. 4:24 rx’d. I embrace the suck and I wanna do that again..soon!
    Great job everyone!

  18. coulda sworn ive done fran before but couldnt find results anywhere. anywho…10:27 65#s purple band for 21 & 15 and green band for 9. strong work everyone!

  19. 4:47, PR by 2:58.

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