Monday 7-9

1) 5×2 Pause Front Squat (Heavier than last week, 3s pause)

2) “Jackie”
1,000m Row
50 Thrusters @ 45#
30 Pull Up’s


  1. sacrificed some time and shredded my hands, but for the first time i finished a WOD that included pull-ups without a band.

    13:35, rx’d

    125 x 3, 130 x 2 on the front squat

    • Way to go, Lane!

    • That’s seriously awesome Lane! Big accomplishment!

    • Excellent! Can’t wait till I get there!

    • Yay!!! Thats my personal goal…

    • LANE! So awesome!

  2. PR’d last week on FS and got another on FS 315. 1015 on the metcon. did rings for pullups.

  3. Great workout and nice way to start the week. My legs were screaming halfway through the row – not sure if it had anything to do with the 5×2 front squats??? With that said, “Jackie” kicked my rear a little and I only “got-r-done” in 8:34. Thanks Candice for another webble-wobble WOD. After the WOD, I webbled & wobbled out the box, but I didn’t fall down.

  4. Finished Jackie in 10:14 … I don’t have my old Jackie time written down so Im not sure if I PR’d or not but my legs still feel funny lol

  5. 13:28 for WOD. First time no band…..thanks Elisa for pushing!

  6. 13:32 for the WOD. 185# for the front squat (pr)

  7. 115# for the squat. 15:23 for the met con. RXd the weight and used the red band for all 30 pullups-pr!

  8. Finished Jackie in 13:16. Used green band. FS 115#

  9. 225# on 5×2 pause front squat. 13:36 on Jackie (PR -2min 4sec)!!

  10. 8:46 rx’d. Took more breaks than I would’ve liked on thrusters, but made up some time on the pull ups.

  11. FS 125# (PR) Jackie:14:30 (used green band)

  12. Thanks for pushing me today, Cass. It was HARD, but I loved it!

    • OH! And I PR’d the Front Squat at 95#

  13. Front Squats PR @ 80#. Jackie 13:20 w/ ring pulls

  14. Front Squat @ 155#, previous 1RM. Jackie 13:34 w/ rings.

  15. Y’all did great! 85# max front squat. 14:07 not PR’d or Rx’d but big shout out to DJ, Jacob and 4:30 group for the support!

  16. GREAT JOB to everyone today!

  17. 10:33 rx. Pretty slow, but it was nice being back.

  18. 315# Front Squats
    7 or low 8. cant remember =( RX’d

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