1. 4 / 2 + 7 K2E

    Cass I hope you’re doing these WOD’s where ever you are!!

  2. DJ, trust me I wish I could. Im in meetings all day long staring out the window looking at Huntington beach across the street. It’s brutal, can’t wait to get back to my peeps

  3. 4 rounds on the first amrap…. The double unders were not working for me today. They need some work. 2 k2E shy of 4 rounds on the second amrap.

  4. So, I couldn’t do this on Thursday because I had a ” procedure” done! Did it today (Saturday) instead. Got 3 rds+5 kbs on the 1st and 3 rds+9 on the second. Still miss yall! It is way more fun to work out at the box than in my garage!

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