1. Bench press 185#, 195#, 205# (3 reps). Annie 9:52, a PR by about a minute and 30 seconds!

  2. bench sucked tried 185 and failed at 4 i got 165 up pretty easy. annie 5:42 a pr of 14 sec

  3. 9:40 on Annie, got all double unders! No bench press – shoulder still wicked messed up, but I was a star spotter!

  4. Bench press- 75, 85, 95 (twice)
    Annie – 8:55

  5. Benched 105×3 reps and got a PR on Annie with 7:05 even though my rope broke half way in and had to use a diff rope (that def added to my time) I think next time i will be able to do sub 7

  6. 275#X5 Bench Press
    8:10 RX =) felt a bit slow on some things but DU seems to be gettin better =)

  7. 185/225/250 x 5 Bench Press
    12:28 Rx’d on Annie.

  8. 55,75,85x5each bench press
    12min limit on Annie– didn’t finish 10’s. I’ll get it next time!! :)

  9. 9:44 on Annie rxd. Last set on bench was 85×5. Shoulda went for 95.

  10. Bench: 95#, 115#, 135#

    Annie: 10:03 RX’d

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