1. lol

    • clearly this is cfih celebrating your birthday a day late.

  2. topped out at 125 for the front squats, did 12:47 on the WOD but with regular pull-ups, not C2B.

  3. Maxed out at 230# on the FS but only got it twice on set 4 & once on set 5. 7: 57 on the metcon rx’d.

  4. FS max 225# (twice). 13:40 Rx’d on metcon.

    Coach Candice, week 1 interval training: 20sec ME row / 40sec rest. 3 intervals 110m each. 🙂

    • 10 minutes?

      • My bad. I thought you said 2 0r 3 times. Go for 10 min?

        • Sent you it via FB 🙂

  5. 95×1 135xx4 FS -ran out of time before my 5th @ 135

    10:59 on WOD ; 115#, went to red, then purple bands for C2B’s. Thought the”C” was for Chin instead of Chest until Cass got on me.

    All-in-all, I loved the WOD

  6. I’m really getting into FS’s. I think we should do more! Candace, are you having nightmares and FS’s are in them?

    • front squats + Heidi = love!

      • Haha! Well… let’s put it this way… are you getting better/more comfortable with them yet? 🙂

  7. 135# on FS, and 12:29 on WOD with 95# and ring rows.

  8. !40#x3 and 145#x2…that pause at the bottom is a B! 12:29 metcon with reg pull-ups.

  9. 95# for front squat, 10:02 using 55# on metcon, did knees to chest instead of pull-ups – I’m getting there!!

  10. At first I thought Candice was trying to kill us all with front squats again this week, not to mention on my last day, but this one turned out to be a lot of fun. 7:53 with 115 and standard pullups.

  11. ran out of time to find max for FS; stopped at 95#
    12:55 for WOD w/green band and 65#

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