As a kid Dane grew up playing traditional sports as many do. He excelled in baseball and enjoyed playing football. Eventually he fell out of love with team sports and began skateboarding as his new favorite hobby. He indulged himself in the lifestyle and would go out for hours at a time and find new spots to skate. The feeling of doing something on his own with no rules and boundaries really gave him the euphoric feeling that many relate to a “runners high”. Though Dane had quit playing sports he managed to stay in athletics for year round “off-season” training, his desire to push himself in workouts and lifting weights had not subsided.

Fast forward a few years; a life without much influence regarding physical fitness, an over abundance of alcohol, and poor dietary choices, Dane’s athleticism had begun to decline drastically. Living in Austin in his freshman year of college, he would a few times a week go to the local apartment gym and workout, go ride his mountain bike, or go on a longboard ride with some friends. On a Friday early in 2011 a roommate asked him if he wanted to go try a “new workout” at a track. Enter CrossFit. It began with them watching YouTube videos of CrossFit and trying to duplicate whatever they could with a large stone, some dumbbells, a tractor tire and the Austin High School track.

After some time of trial and error interval training at a track with absolutely no programming ideal, Dane’s boss asked if he would be interested in joining a group CrossFit class with his top co-workers. This would change his life forever. Dane joined a group of young valets at CrossFit Central’s Red Black Gym and his CrossFit journey truly began. Dane used his time at CrossFit Central to train for the 2012 Austin Marathon before moving to Fort Worth, Texas.

Upon arriving to Fort Worth, Dane met Chuck Bennington (then head coach and operations manager at GSX CrossFit) and expressed an interest in learning how to become a CrossFit trainer. A friendship developed as well as a mentorship. Dane dove in headfirst and has not come up from learning about strength and conditioning training since. Chuck moved from Fort Worth and Dane took his position as head coach of GSX CrossFit where he coached full time from October 2012 until March 2014 when he would leave to join forces with the super crew that comprises Seaward CrossFit. Many long days of coaching followed by hours of reading, observing and theorizing with other coaches has led Dane to feel as though he has found his calling in life; to help others understand true health and fitness as correlated matters that can be achieved with smart work and planning.

Dane enjoys coaching all things strength related and considers himself to be an ever evolving student of the human body and its many capabilities. He enjoys competing in Olympic Weightlifting, cycling, and most outdoor adventure activities. He is pursuing a degree in Athletic Training and is also an intern on the CrossFit Gymnastics Seminar Staff, where he gets to share his passion for strict strength biased bodyweight movements with other coaches. He believes that knowledge is a wealth, which should be shared endlessly.



  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Endurance
  • CrossFit Football
  • CrossFit Gymnastics


  • USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach


  • CrossFit Gymnastics Seminar Staff
  • Head Coach of GSX CrossFit
  • Operational Manager of GSX CrossFit