Ernest Cortez


About Me

As a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, I was first introduced to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in 2014. I knew immediately that I wanted more and thus began my journey into CrossFit. I think like most members, the intimidation to join a gym and working out with these high-level athletes held me back for longer than I care to admit. For years I consistently tried to get my fitness fix through self-training at “Globo Gyms” but there was always something missing.

As the global pandemic began to recede, me and my fiancé Hazel made the decision to walk into CrossFit Iron Horse and we’ve never looked back. The instant gratification of fitness, community, and positive energy sparked a new flame in me and has created friendships and personal achievements that I will forever be grateful for.

While I do enjoy the challenge of every movement in CrossFit (minus burpees) I must admit that chipper style workouts are my favorite. There’s just something about seeing a lot of work on the whiteboard and knowing that this is going to be painful but its going to feel so good at the end.

As I continue to evolve in this sport, one thing will always remain the same, my why. My children are my why and are the reason that I consistently strive to be a better person, athlete, and father. Having seen firsthand the results of a sedentary lifestyle and bad nutrition, I want to be the example to them that happiness is a choice and is achievable through hard work and good moral character.

  • CF Level 1