Josh Bates

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Anytime someone asks me “Why CrossFit” my first response is THE COMMUNITY. For me, this is a very special aspect of the sport. I love having a home away from home. I love having a community to back me up and push me mentally, emotionally, physically. The accountability you have to the coaches, the other members, or yourself keeps you coming back to grind out some brutal workouts. I would also say the constant challenge CrossFit offers. Unknown and Unknowable. No matter how long you have been doing CrossFit there is room for improvement: your time, your speed, your skill, your strength, etc. Knowing that there is always a “next level” really drives me to come in and better myself. I found myself bored with going to a big box gym and lifting in front of a mirror alone 4-5 days a week. CrossFit provides a constant change and challenge that really speaks to me!

  • CF Level 1
  • CF Level 2