Megan Conger

Coach and Administrator

About Me

I started CrossFit in September 2018, but I knew long before then that I wanted to do CrossFit. I first “saw” CrossFit probably when I was in high school. One of my brother’s friends was over and The Games were on TV, and he said to me, “That could be you one day!” and I said, “That will be me one day.” I had no idea what it was, but I saw it and knew immediately. It wouldn’t be years until I actually stepped into a box, which was Iron Horse!!

My why that keeps me involved in CrossFit is to glorify the Lord, every single day. Before I knew that’s what my why really was, I just loved working really really hard. There has always been a fire inside me, making me want to get better every day to be the best I can be. I’ve been overcoming adversity my whole life (with some really amazing people), and that’s what doing CrossFit is, you adapt, you overcome, and you get stronger mentally and physically.

My why for coaching is Coach Josh was the one who really pushed me to coach, which I am very grateful for. It allows me to share my knowledge and passion with our members, but it also gets me more involved in the community! As an individual athlete, I don’t really take classes so this is a way for me to get to know the community and for them to know me!

My favorite workout is anything overhead or if I get to be upside down!!! With overhead movements I find myself being able to flow a lot which is one of the best feelings, but I love being on my hands because of how I learned the skill.

I played volleyball my freshman year at Juniata College in PA, and on the fourth day into the second semester I was taking out the trash, and I lacerated my achilles 50% on a door. Thankfully I did not get surgery, and recovery was a slow process. In that time when I couldn’t walk with two feet, I learned how to walk on my hands! One of my friends was into CrossFit and he helped me every single day. I remember starting, I could only walk three handprints, and every week I would try to get a couple more. There were SO MANY falls, which is why I tell people when they learn how to handstand walk, don’t be afraid to fall. You have to learn how to fall in the process of becoming great at it.

Why in greater detail:
Magnanimity is defined as “greatness of soul” or stretching forth towards excellence. CrossFit is a way for us to grow in mind, body, and soul. CrossFit truly is a way of life, and how we do anything is how we do everything. Life isn’t easy and neither is CrossFit. But it is through the struggle and the suffering that we get stronger, mentally and physically. CrossFit molds us to be the best we can be, through community, through challenges, and through passion and perseverance.

  • CF Level 1
  • 2019 Fittest Experience Amateur Team Division
  • 2021 Fittest Experience Rx Women’s Division