Ryan Cherryhomes

Barbell Club Coach

About Me

My why for CrossFit is simple but complicated at the same time. It is simple because I love a challenge and CrossFit represents that challenge. It is the only form of workout that is not conquerable. It is always evolving and creating new challenges to conquer. It is complicated because it is constantly varied and you are always pushing your limits. If you have a weakness it is exposed. If you reach a certain weight in an olympic lift or chain together a movement there is always the challenge to add more weight next time or get one more rep. That is where my love of CF comes from. As you continue and pursue your goals in CF those goals grow and evolve with you. These challenges in CF show you how far you can actually push your limits in the box and help grow your limits outside of the box as well. Facing these challenges helps you grow as a person and learn how amazing you and everyone is when they show up and push themselves to their limits too. CF and its community help people to face challenges, grow together, and push their limits. Challenge yourself to be better than yesterday.

  • CF Level 1
  • USAWL-1