Walking into CFIH, I didn’t have many expectations. My few expectations were to get healthier physically and mentally, to push myself, and to find like minded people who would help push me on my journey to a healthier me. I have found everyone to be very welcoming, very encouraging, and have found myself well on the way to a healthier me – both physically and mentally.

The mentorship program at CFIH really solidifies the commitment you are making to yourself and the commitment that the coaches have to you, from day 1. Walking in for the first day of class, I didn’t feel too much like a fish out of water, because I had been introduced to the gym, the equipment, and the general routine. And knowing that people are watching helps build that accountability that is so easily lost along the way as life takes hold on our everyday.

CFIH has reminded me that I am stronger than I tend to believe I am. It has reminded me that there are so many people out there like me – people that are just trying to be the best version of themselves. There are no egos, just people seeking a healthier life.