• CrossFit Level 1

I was born in Irving, but have always been in the Fort Worth area. Being active has always been integrated into my family and I since I was little. We would either do something outside as a family or my parents would pretty much just tell my sister and I to go outside and play until it started getting dark. So we would come up with many games to play. If we didn’t have certain items (bat and ball), then we would get a big enough stick and a rock and we would play baseball like that. We would always like to ride bikes just because we thought it was fun, its faster than walking and you get to see more, so we would go farther and farther every time we would ride.

When I got older and athletics was available in 7 th grade I started playing football and I loved it! It gave me something to exert myself at and also we got to workout, which working out is something I naturally excelled in. Then when high school came I already knew that I was going to play football, but I realized that there was more than just football that they allowed the students to play. Since I had trouble deciding which sport to choose I choose many. Throughout high school I played football, powerlifting, wrestling, track & field, along with the strength and conditioning programming that we had before and during school.

After high school ended, I chose to continue my education at the University of North Texas and decided to be a math teacher. I wasn’t big enough to continue playing football, but I still continued working out to keep myself in shape and to have fun. After my first year of college, I decided that I needed to belong to an organization because I missed the family that I had when I played football, so I joined the rugby team at UNT. I started playing and I naturally excelled in this sport also, had a complete blast playing it and I had a family and close friends again. I ended up playing rugby for that entire year and near the ending of the year it all ended when I broke my clavicle and separated right shoulder. Then, after I was finally pieced back together and cleared to commence physical activity again I went to a Saturday trial class at a Crossfit box.

The workout completely wiped me out, but from seeing how much I was able to push myself doing new types of workouts and a new combination of movements I WAS HOOKED! The next week I joined the Crossfit box and every since then, I have never seen faster results of strength, speed, agility, movement, balance, and overall fitness than I had in the previous years. That wasn’t all that got me hooked though. Within the first couple times coming to workout, there were some amazing people around me going through different walks of life. It wasn’t just working out with a group of people, but it was a family. Everyone was cheering for the other and wanting the others to do their best also, they didn’t care who won or who beat whom. There was healthy competition without the attacking of others. The camaraderie is just unrivaled compared to any other normal type of gym. The more you go, the more you get to know the others around you and make friends and they start to keep you accountable. Rather than just not wanting to workout, it’s more like going to chill with your friends and also if you don’t go then the next time you show up they ask where you have been and that you missed an awesome workout. The people and the coaches make it more enjoyable to show up because it makes you want to go. You start seeing improvements and you want to continuously get better every day or every time you go in. It becomes a part of life and after a while you cant imagine yourself without going.